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Cannoli Filling Mascarpone
Cannoli Filling Mascarpone Recipe. Our tour of Italian Desserts took us through the beautiful pastures of Pizzelles and we hop scotching down the sidewalks of biscotti. The next stop on our tour takes us off the streets with Cannoli. The variety is endless ... I see such colors and smells like aromas. I see kids cherry, chocolate kids (do I may miss flavor!) And there are pistachio and citrus cannoli on both sides of the street. What a view!

A little history. Now we will discuss some history of this delicious and beautiful dessert! All my research has produced pretty much the same history story line ... This Italian desserts dates back to the days of Arab rule, and were initially treated Carnival festivities. They originated in Palermo, Italy. You can find them year round now in Italy and the United States.

The cannoli dessert made with a fried wafer that rolled into a tube configuration. The tubes or shells are filled with a sweetened ricotta cheese with candied fruit, nuts or chocolate drops or pieces filled. The filling is piped into the shell with a pastry bag or by spooning it into the shell. The filling is very soft and creamy and the shell is very brittle. The contrast between these two consistency makes it necessary to fill pastry shell and serve immediately. If the dough are full too long, the moisture from the fill included in the cap makes it flat ... and no one wants a soggy cannoli to eat! It's the creaminess of the filling and the flavor of the shell that the excellent taste of this beautiful little cakes.
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