Crema Mascarpone e Nutella | Torta Nutella e Mascarpone2011

Mascarpone e Nutella
Crema Mascarpone e Nutella. This is the time supper! Who's hungry? Ok, so it was a rhetorical question, but what you eat is certainly not. After a long day of work or play, dinner is a bit off the radar for more than a few people. What can I get that you can be sure the whole family will love? Which foods will work for children and adults as well? I have one word for you ... pizza. Until the pizza, the good life ... or at least for a tasty pizza lover in you! Throughout the world, pizza is a favorite food of many. New York City is clearly in love with this food for its convenience, affordability, diversity, and of course the appeal to the taste. What other food they can grab on the way, fold style New York and experience the treatment, which takes you back to the Italian roots? Whether you are coming from Italy, or simply argue that his celebratory enthusiasm for Italian food, pizza is one of the menu, which is favored by many around the world. Where can you find the best pizza New York City has to offer? Let's look at a few plants to play a major role in this phenomenon that you get in your way. Looking for a rich distinctive taste that comes from the coal oven pizza? Try Pizzeria Lombardi on Spring Street. Complete with checkered tablecloths and the obligatory black and white photos from the past, its time honored tradition come through in the taste of pizza served. The mayor of New York style are popular city slickers themselves? Stop in at John's Pizzeria in Times Square looking for a pizza plus that can not be beat! They have stained glass is still present from the deconsecrated church, where they are staying!
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